Who would’ve thought…

100 blogposts and almost one year ago I was in the US. Thinking about booking a ticket to far, far away Japan. Thinking about quitting my job. I tried to eat better and I was failing struggling with it. I also had a lot of stuff and I was getting ready to let it go.Now I am actually here, in Tokyo. This afternoon I casually rode my bike around Tokyo station, going to Akihabara to check a few things out. Just an ordinary Sunday afternoon. Interesting – life can be very interesting.

One year ago I was desperate and unhappy and anxious about my future. Will I be able to go to Japan, let go of my job? Will I be able to find a new one or will I have to live off  my savings and return to my homecountry shortly after, marked as a failure, laughed at by my friends and family? Will I be able to work in a language that I haven’t used in the past three years? Wouldn’t it be easier to stay put and let go of my dream and convince myself that I hadn’t want it in the first place, that it just wasn’t meant to be?

Turns out I am doing okay. Maybe even more than okay. I canceled my flight home and I am planning a “detour” when my visa expires here. Where? As soon as I got it sorted out I will tell you. I am very much looking forward to going there, but I am afraid to jinx it. So, follow me to find out!


Who would’ve thought…

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