Why did you put sugar into my salad?

Six weeks going into clean eating and only one “mess up”. A conscious mess up, where it would have been as easy to walk away from the sweets as eating it. But that was 5 days ago.

So why am I craving chocolate right now? Instead of going out and buying a chocolate bar (which I might do later tonight if the craving doesn’t go away), I will think about the reason. Why do I suddenly think of something that I haven’t thought of for the past 6 weeks? Why the sudden urge for sugar? From the experience I gained from my last time of clean eating I know: sugar makes me crave more sugar. It is so addictive for me that even a small dose is enough to make me want more.

IMG_0171So, knowing that, let’s see, what did I eat for lunch…? Instead of my home-made salad with bread I had a ready-made salad from the 7/11 and a rice ball.

There we go.

Nothing on the package said “sugar”, but I guess it was one of these concealed things like “glucose bla bla” that I didn’t read.

I hate this stuff! I feel betrayed and am still craving a chocolate bar. And the more I am craving it, the more I hate the food industry.

Dear food industry: Why do you make me eat something and then suffer from it when I didn’t even know what I was eating?! If I eat sugar, at least I wanna be aware of it. I wanna enjoy it. I wanna bite into a piece of cake and go “mmmh” and not eat a “healthy” salad, which doesn’t give me the same satisfaction as the cake would give me and then later find my body telling me that I have eaten sugar.

I want to make a choice of what I eat and I don’t need anybody to make it more difficult for me than it already is! I already have to bring up all the willpower to eat healthily and prepare my food by myself day after day. So, why did you put sugar into my salad? Dear food-industry, please explain this to me: I know I can make a great salad without sugar or any additives that tastes as good as the stuff you are selling. Why do you have to put something in there that doesn’t belong there?

Sincerely yours, Jessica who will go to the supermarket to get a bar of matcha chocolate even though it is almost 10PM. Thank god for 7/11 s and their convenience…


Anybody who can find the irony in that will get a free virtual hug.

Why did you put sugar into my salad?

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