13 weeks

My next destination has been approved. I got a WH visa for New Zealand! I am going to rock that place!

IMG_1604Now the only thing I have to do is book the flight and look for some work, the rest will fall into place. 13 weeks until my contract runs out here, then it’s goodbye Japan and welcome New Zealand. I am really looking forward to this. Life is good.

Now, there is a lot that still has to be done until then, but 13 weeks are more than enough time so I can enjoy myself a little bit before I have to become serious again.

…Which means: Goodbye clean eating, I am going to eat all the Japanese snacks  I can while I am still here 😀 I don’t think I will find matcha icecream anywhere else in the world, so gotta enjoy it while I can. And edamame. And wagashi. I am planning a two week trip all over Japan during my Christmas vacation, which is perfect timing! I guess they’ll have to roll my fat booty out of the country when I am finished eating all the Japanese food. Only 13 weeks left!

13 weeks

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