December in Tokyo

Yesterday I went to the Imperial Palace to lie in the sun on the dry grass in a T-shirt for about half an hour. Refreshed I took off to take pictures of more autumn leaves, the colours are incredibly beautiful. IMG_1596All hues of autumn in one picture.

I also saw cherry blossoms on some other trees, it must have been a special sort of cherry to bloom in December. Then I saw oranges and I really had to fight the urge to just pick one from the tree and take it home with me. I am not sure what the guards at the Imperial palace would have done to me if I tried, but being watched so suspiciously by them while taking the pictures I decided not to take the risk. Maybe next time 🙂 they look so delicious!


Japan in December is really interesting!

In the evening it got really cold and I went to see the flashy and colourful Christmas decoration around Tokyo central station. I am looking forward to enjoying all kinds of different Christmases from now on!

December in Tokyo

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