Old year – new year

Sooo, how did 2013 go for me? Time for a short recapitulation and nice  pictures of the Christmas illumination in Roppongi under the cut 🙂

IMG_1449So, how did I end up here, over 10.000 km away from home celebrating Christmas and New Year’s in a country where there is only about 5% Christians but which is full of the most elaborate Christmas decoration and where people eat strawberry cake and KFC for Christmas dinner? You can read all of that in my blog 🙂

To sum things up, not everything went 100% well and there was a lot of trouble in between, but I am alive and breathing and I just had some Japanese almond cookies and hot tea so I believe I am in the upper 5% of the population regarding the overall status of my well-being.



All in all 2013 was pretty transformative for me. I found several new lifestyles (being minimalist, eating clean, longterm travelling), found new friends, several  new places to live, learned to speak an additional language fluently, managed to find two jobs in a foreign country on my own, overcame some of my shyness and my low self-esteem, I started a blog, started to take more risks and generally learned a lot about people and myself.

So, I am looking forward to 2014 and hopefully this will be an even better year than this one was. My journey is still ongoing and I am looking forward to where it will be taking me.



What I think I did well in 2013:

  • working, finding work
  • finding a place to live
  • adapting to a new culture (even though it was hard at the beginning)
  • getting rid of my stuff
  • becoming more aware of what I eat and the effect it has on my body
  • keeping a blog and surviving without the internet for 3 months

What I think I sucked at in 2013:

  • learning new work-unrelated things (I did not manage to do that at all)
  • working out (I am in the worst shape of my life so far)
  • having a life after work (most of the days I learn so much at work that everything after feels like too much.)
  • making lasting friendships (not-lasting is no problem but lasting just didn’t work for me here)

So, there is definitely some room for improvement there, which I am looking forward to in 2014

Old year – new year

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