About the need to buy new things 2

Remember me running in circles about how I want a new and shiny smartphone a few days ago?

After putting the device on my 30 day list, I figured something else. I figured: why spend so much money on  a thing where the money could be used for something else, something even better than a smartphone. Travel for example. I have yet to see Kyoto and Nara and Osaka, so spending 700 Euros on a smartphone right now might not be the best idea. It would be doable but then my budget would be tight.

IMG_1681So, I resurrected my old smartphone. I bought my old smartphone in 2010 at a time when I just had to have every new gadget that comes out. At first I didn’t even want to bring it to Japan because it had a few critical flaws – for starters, it is really slow and has a lot of bloatware you can’t get rid of – so it served me as a very expensive alarm clock for the past months.

But after researching the internet I figured out a way to make it faster and run more smoothly and resolve some issues I have had with it in the past. Now it serves me again as a not so shiny but still sufficiently well working entertainment center while I am commuting every day. All that is left to do now is a new cover for it and a new protection screen foil to cover the scratches and make it truly shiny again.

As a result, the whole thing took me about one day. One day of research and using my brain and 700 Euros that I can spend for something else.

The things I learned from this incident:

1) The choice is mine. I choose where I spend my money, if I buy a thing or an experience with it. If I am conscious about this choice I can make it work for me, not against me. I can choose not to be a victim and cry about how life is unfair and how I don’t have enough money to buy-it-all, but look at all the opportunities I got with what I have.

2) Making things work for me by using my brain gives me the same or even greater satisfaction as buying a new thing. Now I learned something about smartphones and how they work and how I can use them better and that makes me feel smart.


PS: The above picture was taken at the crossing in Shibuya, facing the giant “109” shopping centre which exclusively sells clothes and shoes and other items for the 13-25 female crowd.

About the need to buy new things 2

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