Simplify your hair – a minimalist hairstyle – ladies edition

Taking care of your looks can cost a lot of money and take a lot of effort. So many women may think that a minimalistic lifestyle might not be for them, because you need a lot of stuff to look good, right? I would disagree, which is why I am posting this today. So what does a woman do who wants to live a minimalistic lifestyle?

1) Use up all your beauty products, your hair styling products, everything. Be consequent: Don’t buy new things in a while until you have used it all up! Go through your things and look if they have expired yet. Throw the expired items away as they may cause irritation of your skin or hair. Effect: More space and more money as a preparation for the next steps.

1.1) Extra tip: Look at the things that you are currently using. Do you like them? If not, and if they are unused, maybe you can give them to somebody else who likes them? I had a bodywash that smelled like peach, but after one shower I didn’t like it anymore, so I gave it to my roommate.

Not everybody has a personal stylist.
Not everybody has a personal stylist like they do.

2) Find out what works for you. I used to take a lot of samples to experiment with different brands – which I wouldn’t really recommend as switching products might irritate your hair or your skin. Nevertheless I did it once in a while and by doing this, I can found out what works for me and what doesn’t. Also you can get recommendations from friends if you don’t want to play human guinea pig like I did.

2.1) If you have more money (as you should have if you followed step 1), go to a professional stylist. They usually can make an analysis of your hair and recommend products that solve hairy problems. If you have a friend or relative who is a stylist, that would be even better.

2.2) Find out how many products you need. When I had short hair, all I needed was some shampoo, nothing more. Now that my hair is long, I also need conditioner since it gets all tangled up. Some people might use product, like gel, for their hair. I don’t as I don’t find it necessary.

2.3) If you use product, try going without it for a week or so to find out if you really need it. Also, you might need other products in summer than in winter.

So basically, find out what you really need and ditch all the other stuff!

3) Figure out a hairstyle that you can maintain easily to look great without a lot of effort. I had a lot of different hair lengths in my life. From 2 cm to my current 60 cm. I must say, both extremes have their advantages and their disadvantages.

3.1) Advantage of short hair: No hairdryer necessary, no styling necessary, no conditioner or hairbands necessary. Just wash it and you are ready to go (especially in summer).

Disadvantage of short hair: I couldn’t cut my own hair back then, as it is more difficult with short haircuts to make them look great, but if you want to look neat you have to go to the hairdresser a lot. Like every 6 weeks to maintain your length and to look good. Also I had to wash my hair every day in the morning to avoid pillow-hair.

The items that I own to make my hair pretty

3.2) Advantage of long hair: No going to the hairdresser anymore. I learned how to cut it in 2 minutes (literally – I should make a video…) and it looks great and stylish this way. Also I am washing it every 3 days now to keep it healthy and so it saves shower time. No pillow-hair with hair this long.

Disadvantage: Every 3 days when I wash my hair I have to make a little effort to use conditioner in addition to shampoo and then blow-drying it, because I like to wash it in the morning. I also have to keep buying hairbands and hairpins because they tend to disappear in some black hole…

Also I found it pretty important to get the right cut. If your hairdresser gives you a bad haircut you can find yourself in the morning using a lot of product to put your hair in the right place. With a good haircut this shouldn’t be necessary. When I had short hair I always insisted on drying my hair by myself afterwards so I could see if the cut worked for me and if I could style it the way I liked by myself. If I couldn’t, I asked the hairdresser to change it for me.

By the way,these are the items that I use to maintain my hair:

  • hairbrush (nothing fancy, just a regular one)
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • hairbands (2 kinds – one to make a bun, one if I braid my hair)
  • hairpins (2 kinds – see above. I put them in a little box)
  • scissors for cutting my hair
  • hairdryer

This is as minimalistic as it gets for me, one item less and I would be troubled. My personal ideal number of items 🙂

Simplify your hair – a minimalist hairstyle – ladies edition

One thought on “Simplify your hair – a minimalist hairstyle – ladies edition

  1. I miss my short hair. I used clippers and my brother would do mine and I would do his. I could do it myself, too. I only messed it once, then I just used bandanas. I use shampoo, and a comb, and sometimes hair clips.

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