Decluttering before the big trip

Today I went through all of the things that have accumulated in the last year. Most of the things that I got during the last year will be given or thrown away. Basically everything I bought was for temporal use only and pretty cheap and I am attached to nothing exept for maybe some books.

In addition to that, I plan to resume my traveling with less items than before, which means that I will send some things home, mainly clothes that I have worn only rarely in the past year but that I can’t get rid of completely yet (mostly for sentimental reason). My luggage was packed really tightly when I came here and I didn’t like that at all. Even though it was just 18 kilos, which might not be a lot for one year I still feel like I have way too much and that I only use 50% of all the things that I brought with me.

Lesson learned: I was pretty naive thinking that I would suddenly start wearing things I didn’t wear at home, for example the skirts that I packed or the fancy jackets.

This is some random big-ass building in Shibuya

Another thing: My taste in clothes has changed a bit, I started appreciating more simple and less playful clothes recently, so I threw the playful ones out (I couldn’t find anybody who wanted them unfortunately).

Other than a bunch of (digital) pictures, I think I will not take anything physical with me from this country. No souvenirs, no stuff that takes up space, just memories. Which oddly is enough.

Decluttering before the big trip

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