Watching monkeys bath in hot spring

Last week I went to Nagano to see the snow monkeys bath in a hot spring.

IMG_1910What was supposed to be a one day trip became a two day trip, because on my way there the bus was 3 hours late. I missed the last bus and the last train from Nagano to the Monkey Park, and so I had to reschedule my ticket back to the next day (which the nice lady at the bus ticket counter did for free when I told her my story). With the help of the nice people at the tourist information in Nagano I was able to book a typical Japanese hotel with hot spring included for the night and so I stayed there and relaxed and the nice owner of the hotel even drove me directly to the Monkey Park on the next morning.

I think I was the only person there with a small digital camera. The rest of the folks (Japanese as well as foreigners) all had cameras with giant lenses…


Special things I did that I am proud of:

  • Negotiating in Japanese for several occasions, asking for the way, asking for help
  • Staying the night someplace unexpected while having a blast without being anxious of not having packed anything for it
  • bathing in hot spring in traditional Japanese hotel (for the third time during my stay in Japan)
  • finishing my first reading-for-pleasure-novel in Japanese (I finished 3 before but they were all for Japanese classes I had to do.
  • taking pictures of monkeys
  • getting really close to monkeys
  • seeing the sun rise over the mountains (and waking up early on a Sunday morning for this)


To-Do: Watching monkeys bath in hot spring in the snow DONE 🙂

Watching monkeys bath in hot spring

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