5 things I learned from going minimalist

Cherry blossoms in Kyoto

These are a few things I learned from becoming a minimalist and pursuing a minimalist lifestyle which I would like to share with you.

  • Organization and improvisation – if you have to do with less you have to organize yourself better and improvise more often. Astonishingly it works! And if it doesn’t work, then there is:
  • People skills. Because I have less, I have to ask for help. And people help me. I have met so many wonderful people since I started my minimalist journey, minimalists, like I am, as well as “normal” people, all kinds of people who have helped me out when I was in tough situations. Of course this goes both ways, as I too have learned to put myself out more and help people more.
  • Being content with what I have. Not having to go shopping wherever I am. Being able to have fun without spending money. At first it was pretty hard, I felt deprived, but now I am actually having fun doing things that don’t automatically require me to spend (a lot of) money. I learned new ways of having fun and I am thankful for the different perspective this gave me.
  • Being more conscious about daily life things. Because I got used to think about my shopping and eating habits I got used to stop myself more frequently when I do things in my daily life. I started asking myself: Am I doing this right now because I am doing something that makes sense, logically and that is for my and/or other people’s benefit, or am I just doing something because I am used to it?
  • Being more open minded. I think I am more open minded now, may it be through reading blogs about minimalism and getting to know other people’s lifestyles or may it be through travel (which was made possible through minimalism – so I’m counting this in). I have learned that there are a lot of different lifestyles out there. Before I thought that there was only one way to live one’s life, that is get a job, work for 45 years, buy a house (with a big loan), a big new car (with an equally big loan), have 2 children and wait until you are old enough to retire and then maybe have some fun. Now, through minimalism I learned that there are different ways in which you can become happy and I learned that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, even among minimalists, there are so many different types. There are so many motivations to become a minimalist and I think it is a wonderful thing.

Why are you a minimalist?

5 things I learned from going minimalist

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