Today I went to see the red tori in Kyoto. Again a thing that has been on my to-do list for a few years now… Why the hell did I wait so long to do this?! Memo to future self: don’t wait so long to do awesome things! Do them now!IMG_2212On my way there I saw a lot of beautiful shrines and temples.

IMG_2232The tori were pretty impressive. It was a round course for about 4km which I decided to walk. So up the mountain I went!

The view from above was so nice. Especially after walking up many stairs. I arrived when the sun came through the clouds.


On the way down I saw a lot of cats! They weren’t shy at all and let me come close to take pictures.


I also had green tea parfait, yatsuhashi and seaweed crisps. All the weight that I lost during my clean eating time has gathered in the form of fat on various parts of my body *g*. But no regrets here: Yay for Japanese snacks! I will miss them so much 😀



One thought on “Kyoto

  1. Andreas says:

    Hey, thanks for this post. I had the chance to spend one day in Kyoto in January, visiting temples and shrines – bud I did not new about the red torii. This will be on my list as well now… 😉
    Thanks, Andreas
    BTW: I am addicted to Japanese green tea sweets as well…

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