Yesterday I went to Osaka. Besides eating the typical Osaka food, there was nothing special that I wanted to do, so I did that and then walked around a little bit and went back home.

Osaka with Osaka station
Some interesting district behind the station. It went on forever.


Today wil be my last day in Kyoto. Then I will go back to Tokyo and to Narita on the next day where my flight will leave in the afternoon.


Part of me wants to stay, but part of me wants to move on and see new things. I have learned so much in Japan, about other people and about myself, but it is so easy to get caught in everyday life and in a routine, so after six months in Tokyo I think it is the perfect time to leave and look for something new. After life in the huge cities in Japan, I am totally looking forward of being surrounded by the beautiful nature of New Zealand.

How will I cope without the convenience of Japanese life? Without convenience stores open at all times, filled with the most perfect Japanese snacks? Without perfectly clean restrooms with all kind of hightech equipment to keep my butt happy? Without clean streets and on-sale supermarket sushi? I guess I will find out.

By the way, I sorted out my suitcase and gave away/threw away/sent home all the things that I didn’t use regularly in the past year and voila, my suitcase was only two thirds full! Even though it was just one single rather small suitcase, there was still room for improvement! Lesson learned: You can always overpack, no matter the size of the suitcase.


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