So, you want to have free internet in Auckland? Fat chance!

It seems that I have to go on an internet-diet again.This time in Auckland, where I arrived two days ago. There doesn’t seem to be any free internet, not even in hostels (why???!). So this means going without the internet again, or at least without internet in my hostel, as I have found a spot with free WiFi, just about 2.5 kilometres away.

I am happy that I am already used to this kind of situation, due to my awesome internet-free time in Japan for three months, it just means that I have to do more research and that I have to bundle things (like looking for a flat and job-hunting) and won’t be able to waste away my time online anymore.

No pictures from New Zealand so far from my side, I saw some amazing sunsets though and the weather is sunny and I already got sunburned…

Things to do:

  • apply for more jobs
  • look for apartment
  • open bank account (I already found out how, now I just have to do it)
  • get IRD number for work

Things I did:

  • get visa
  • get adapter for EU/Japan devices
  • exchange Yen into NZD
  • get sunscreen (50+)
  • find free internet
  • find place to stay for first 5 days
  • walk around the town and find local supermarkets

And no matter how many things I add to the second list, the things on the to-do list are still overweighing… I feel a like a lazy bum because I am already here for 2 days and haven’t figured out even half of my stuff. I am not even sure if not figuring things out should bug me or not since technically I am on vacation. Sort of vacation.

So, you want to have free internet in Auckland? Fat chance!

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