My new camera!

… Ladies and Gentlemen, I am in possession of a new camera *drumroll*. My old one was about 6 years old – as you may have noticed from the bad quality of pictures I posted here – and a few weeks ago it fell and the battery compartment broke. So, it was time for a new camera.

After researching like mad for 2 days I found one I liked and it was just in time before I left Japan. But, researching the camera actually got on my nerves more than it was fun. Since when is shopping more exhausting than fun? For me shopping always was fun. Here is the story:

First, I was like: Any model will do. My camera is so old that any camera, even the cheapest one will be better than my current broken one.

Then I looked around. There were literally hundreds of cameras in the store. Hundreds!

Then I talked to a salesperson and the more information I got, the less I was able to decide on which camera I wanted. Suddenly they all seemed more or less bad and so I went out of the store without buying anything, apologizing to the nice salesperson who has been talking to me for about 45 minutes to “help” me… Typical case of information overload.

I then researched for about 6 hours on the internet, comparing different models, then went back to the store, only to find out that the “Best Camera 2013” was only in Japanese and that getting an “international” one with English settings would cost extra. A lot extra. My second-favourite and third-favourite options were not available anymore. So, after talking to a salesperson again, who would refuse to sell me the Japanese-only one (O-Tone: “But it only has a guarantee in Japan and Japanese-only settings, so I am not sure if this is the best option for you.”) I went back home and did a little bit more research.

I then decided to screw this and to get the Japanese model anyway, so I went back again and bought it.

Now, since then, nothing has crossed my path that was inspiring enough to be photographed, so I will wait until I encounter something nice which should be in the next few days as I am going to travel through New Zealand starting tomorrow.

My first stop will be Wellington, so stay in touch for pictures (high quality this time!) and stories from my adventure!

My new camera!

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