…so this is what a cyclone is like.

Earlier today, I thought I might check out the University of Wellington which is just around the corner of my hostel. Arriving there, I sat down in one of the buildings to surf a little and to read when it started to rain a little bit. Not taking this seriously (because I don’t read or watch the news when I travel), I kept sitting here.

Then all the people left the building.I thought: Well it is Sunday, who can blame them for leaving a little early. And I kept sitting here.

Then it got dark, big grey clouds forming, it started to rain. And I kept sitting here thinking that I would just wait a little until it is over.

Then the storm started to hit the building in a more serious way.

And it got night outside.

For some reason, the lights are not working in this building and the only thing that I am getting light from right now is the monitor of my laptop. It’s a good thing I can touch-type as it is too dark to see my laptop’s keyboard (please excuse any typos)…

When I checked earlier, the doors of the building were locked, but there seems to be an emergency button that hopefully releases the doors. I will stay here until the cyclone is gone. Or maybe even overnight, who knows.

The wind is rattling at the windows and all I can think about is the all you can eat pizza place I wanted to go tonight…

My mozarelly, how I miss you! *sigh*


After the storm stopped, it was about 11PM and too late for any pizza. Luckily there were some 24 hour markets that were still open and so I got some bread to accompany the milk and the apple I still had at the hostel. Apart from the 24 hour market and the McDonalds, the city was like a ghost town, only me and my fruit loaf were wandering through the streets…


One thought on “Huh…

  1. Mascha says:

    Hui, da bin ich aber froh, dass du dort nicht übernachten musstest. Danke für deine Karte! Habe mich sehr gefreut, von dir zu hören und finde es schön, hier von dir lesen zu können. Muss mich erstmal durch deine Zeit in Japan arbeiten :-)…
    Liebe Grüße!

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