I’m privileged

I am a female in my late twenties, who is highly educated, has no kids, no husband, no debt, but a lot of time. I am able to provide for myself because I saved a lot of money through hard work which makes me confident. I have to answer to nobody there is nobody who has any influence over my life, I can basically do as I please all day long.

Some of the things I mentioned are due to my own doings (eg. me saving my hard-earned money), but some of the things are actually not because I earned them, but they are there because I was born in the right place at the right time.

I have grown up surrounded by a basic set of rights that ensured my well being and my education. But this is not something that I should take for granted. I am thankful for being where I am, no matter what may “go wrong” during my travels because most of the time, these are just “First World Problems”.

Enjoy the view:


I’m privileged

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