About my personal productivity…

…and the lack thereof.

I can’t believe that about a month ago I was sitting in the office every day for 10 hours, being productive (or at least busy) every single minute of that time.

Now, most of the time I am doing nothing. Or at least I feel like I am doing nothing – nothing productive anyway in comparison to what I did before.

Sure, I do something small here, something small there, but most of the time my brain lies in an imaginative hammock and is swinging from left to right without doing anything. Part of me really likes this, because the past year was pretty exhausting, but part of me hates not doing anything. I need to do something. Or don’t I?


It is like this feeling what I got when I had an exam at university and I learned really, really a lot for it and then it is over and I am left with this routine that is made for productivity and then there is nothing left for me to do. Except that slightly panicky feeling of “I should do something. Why am I relaxing?! I should get up and do something!”

I decide that I don’t have to do something. In fact, I shouldn’t.

I decide to dub this phase: A creative break.

And I also decide to force myself to let go a little of this need to be productive. Do nothing for a while. Maybe it is necessary for me to take a break to see things from a different perspective and learn something new about myself and about life.

I give myself a deadline of 4 weeks until I start being productive again, until then, I am on a creative break.


About my personal productivity…

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