Travelling south

Right now I am in Invercargill. That is a city in the south of the south island of New Zealand. And it has the internet! Which is why I am able to post here. Having free internet access is kind of a rare thing in NZ, so I have quite a bit of a backlog and I don’t have the time to catch up much because I am doing other things 🙂 Fun things. Like seeing waterfalls and dolphins and seals.

Dolphins move so fast, so I think I messed this picture up a bit… But the sea looks so pretty!

I will go on a ferry once more tomorrow morning and move on to Stewart Island where I will do some trekking. About 40K of trekking, all in one day because my travel partner thought that this would be better than staying overnight and having to carry all the equipment for this with us. It makes more sense to travel with light luggage (aka minimalistic) and do it all in one day, to get the maximum fun experience out of it instead of having to drag a tent or a sleeping bag with food and a stove with us. So the past few weeks also included some kind of training – I dubbed it “couch to 40K” – where I went for some bigger hikes to get used to walking. I was a big couch potato for the past year, running around in an office was basically all I did, so this is a good start to get some fitness back. Walking through beautiful nature is definitely a thing I could get used to.

See you again in a few days when I am back in Invercargill, for the next days I will be in a place with no internet access again.

Travelling south

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