Penguins, albatrosses and seals in Dunedin

I love animals and after the monkeys in Japan and the dolphins and the seals I saw from afar I was very happy that I had the opportunity to see some yellow eyed and some blue penguins in additions to some albatrosses and close-up seals in Dunedin yesterday. Pictures are under the cut!

I spontaneously decided to do a private tour that was arranged by the hostel I am staying with (btw. this is why I like to stay with hostels – they have such great deals) for the whole afternoon and I learned a lot about the different birds (no pictures, because they were too fast) and about the region here.

I can’t tell you how much fun that was, seeing all the animals close-up and so I decided that if I fail my job-hunting in Wellington I will work on a llama farm or alpacca farm or something like that for the rest of my stay. As a kid I always wanted to become an animal caretaker in a zoo and I almost studied biology because I love animals so much, so maybe this is the right time to work on my childhood-dream!

So now that I have figured out my future, I promised some pictures and here they are:

This little guy is a very young penguin who apparently was lost a little bit – but the farm was close by so I think he just went out to have a little bit fun.
Doesn’t he look cute – he looked at me briefly and then dozed off again.

By the way, there was no fence or anything between me and the animals, so theoretically I could have touched them! As I said, the albatrosses were too fast for my camera to take good pictures, but just imagine giant majestic birds which can glide through the air like kings.

This was where the albatrosses were flying. If I had wings I would fly there too I guess 🙂 Such a beautiful coast!

I have been travelling for about 6 weeks now and I am really falling in love with the place. Of course I haven’t seen the “dark side” of the country, the corruption and the crime and stuff like that, so my opinion is highly biased, but – and I know I repeat myself – this place is so beautiful! Like in-a-fairy-tale-beautiful. Like nothing bad could ever happen here. Like god-made-this-place-with-fairy-dust-especially-for-me-to-make-me-happy-beautiful. No wonder so many people stay here when they come for a working holiday.

Penguins, albatrosses and seals in Dunedin

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