Seals in Kaikoura (and llamas and cats too)

Today I saw some more seals up close. Since they weren’t nervous or startled at all, and one was even lying on the pedestrian walkway where he napped, I took some pretty nice close up pictures. My camera only has a 3.6 zoom, which is pretty low, so I am always happy when animals are relaxed and let me come close. Pics are under the cut.

I really love seals, they look so cute and fluffy and they can swim so fast.

DSC03335 I busted my nice purple Nike jogging shoes on the way to the seals, but seeing these little cute seals was definitely worth it!


Most of them were very relaxed, but if you come to close for their comfort they will show you by showing their teeth and growling at you. Their bites are highly infectious, so you have to be careful while approaching.

DSC03344On the way back a group of llamas approached me, but I was too slow taking out my camera, but then I found a friendly cat who waited long enough for me to take some pictures of her.



Seals in Kaikoura (and llamas and cats too)

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