Setting up a homebase in Wellington

I decided that I will stay here in Wellington to settle down a little bit and look for a nice job and a proper place to live.

The city is big and interesting, there are enough shops in the vincinity and I know where to get reliable free WiFi. Should things turn out for the worse, I am located ideally to both go south (for wwoofing on a llama farm) or go north (to catch a plane home) in a day.

Nevertheless, the plan is to stay here and set up a homebase. Part of me is freaking out about this, while the other part says “I can do this” and so I am going from one extreme to the other in minutes. Which is exhausting.

Basically I am out of my comfort zone. Again.

I know that I have found a proper job and a place to live in a foreign country twice in the past year, nevertheless this is a different country with different rules and this is the first time I am settling somewhere where I don’t even have a clue to where to live and where to find a job and how to go from A to B. I have no idea how to work the system yet and this is scary.

I know that I should be able to do it, but somehow this all is overwhelming me right now. Travel was easy, but this for some reason is really hard. Mostly because I have less influence over some important parts that one needs to settle down.

A job for example.

If I don’t get a job, I won’t be able to pay rent soon, so first I would need to find some work, right? But recruiters and HR people take a long time to reply and so usually it takes about 5-6 weeks until something you have a job finalized. If I don’t find anything here in Wellington (which is likely, because sometimes that happens), I will have to move somewhere else, so I can’t find a place that is permanent and that I can’t walk out on.

So this would mean 5-6 weeks in a limbo which is not so good. I hate waiting and being passive in a situation like this. But when you think about it, applying for job interviews is a really passive thing. Because after you hit “send” you have no control over what happens. You are bound to just wait and see.

After taking a hot shower, and sorting myself out I decided to do this:

  1. I will find a flat, something that is a) furnished and b) central and c) lets me move out on short notice, like one week. If it is a little bit more expensive it doesn’t matter because I can move out quickly and into something cheaper once I have an income stream.
  2. I will then proceed with my applications to jobs here in Wellington.
  3. Once that is done I will look what I can do online. Maybe take an inventory to find some talent or some skills that I haven’t thought of using. Maybe things are supposed to turn out like this, maybe this is destiny telling me to become truly location independent now instead of waiting for jobs and interviews?
Setting up a homebase in Wellington

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