What to do when you are in a limbo

You might ask, why the sudden change in posts? Why all the pretty pictures? The reason is that I am in a limbo right now and find myself void of any true creativity that might express itself in well chosen words.

Looking for a job turns out to take more time than anticipated. Finding a nice and cheap flat as well. And so I am sitting here, worrying about things I can not control, watching stripe shirted parkour people gracefully jump over handrails outside the library…

Basically I have done everything I could to get a job and I am waiting for a definite answer from one place that I would really like working at. But they take more time than I thought they would, as they are apparently doing a very thorough check of my background. I have prepared and interviewed the best I could (twice), and now I am waiting for the rolling dice to come to a stop.

I have one backup job, but I would only take it on when I know that the other place says no. Therefore I am limbo-ing. Having restless leg syndrome in my head. Jumping from thought to thought.

Without having a job, finding a flat is rough. Most monthly flats are booked full or way too expensive, or way out-of-town so that commuting would take an hour. As for the rest of the flats, people want to see that I am employed by somebody to have some “financial stability”.

So here I am, staying in a hostel for the time being. Sleeping in dorm rooms full of French people partying until 2AM, them being young and stupid, having not a care in the world, me being old and stupid with a back stiff of bad bunk bed sleep.

Not knowing for how long that will be, how long I will be staying, when will I be leaving. Trying to embrace the unknown and posting pictures of pretty things while mindlessly browsing the internet in the meantime.

What to do when you are in a limbo

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