Feeling sleepy

DSC03319Due to mainly budget reasons I am staying in a hostel right now. Keeping your expenses low is one way to deal with uncertain situations and so I thought that a few nights in a dorm are not too bad before I get my own room in a shared flat, which will be on the 24th this month 🙂

So, 2 weeks more to go for the hostel dorm situation and boy, after last night, do I count the days…

Here is the situation: I stayed in the hostel before. The beds are nice, it is pretty okay clean, people are friendly and it is not too loud. Coffee and tea with milk are free, and it is located in the very city center. Therefore I decided to book the next 2 weeks with them. Clean, convenient, perfect for the time being.

Last night however, I noticed that while the hostel itself is great, my particular location in the hostel was not ideal to say the least, because the whole hostel gathered on my floor in my wing and there they threw a gigantic loud party right in front of the dorm I’m sleeping in.

Nowhere else.

The rest of the hostel was as peaceful and quiet as can be, but on my floor people were drunk and screaming and stomping around, leaving the kitchen and bathroom in a mess. When I went to the reception, they told me that this is a regular thing going on on this particular floor and wing and that I shouldn’t worry about it but instead go and party with them.


Well, thankyouverymuch for your concern. But I’m tired and want to go to bed. If I wanted to party, I wouldn’t be here, I would be in a pub or club. I just wanted some peace and quiet and get some sleep so I can get up early the next day because I have plans and errands to run.

Why don’t hostels let guests fill out a questionnaire before they stay there, so that people who primarily want to sleep and people who primarily want to party get put together? It could be done online in 5 minutes and hostels would get to know their customers better and everybody would be happy. Because I’m sure there must be more people like me who even though they like to party maybe don’t want the party to happen in front of their bedroom on a day they are tired.

Feeling sleepy

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