Happy octopus is happy

Found this happy little guy in Kaikoura.

In the past week I got myself a job, a flat and an IRD number. It all happened way faster than expected and so I am still a little shocked and can’t quite believe that I have a regular working routine again. Acutally, all the travel is way too much fun to give up so soon, but I am excited about my new job as I will hopefully learn a lot of new things and gain some new skills and insights into interesting fields. DSC00129Also the team is really, really nice and relaxed and it’s a different work-life balance than in Japan, that is for sure (no more working until 10PM, yay!).

The shared flat I got is in central Wellington, in one of the best areas (or at least that is what everybody told me) and only costs 170 dollars per week, all expenses included. I think it is really nice to live in a shared flat as I don’t know anybody in Wellington yet and so I have somebody I can turn to when I have questions. And the flat is already furnished completely with kitchenware and everything. In addition to that, I can get a bed and cupboard from one of them really cheaply as they want to buy newer and better furniture which is a really really good thing, as I don’t have to worry about anything!

DSC00410The flat is about 35 minutes walking distance to my new job which means I don’t have to get a car or a bike if I don’t want to, but I guess I will because that would mean that I am even faster and can transport things like groceries. The job pays me nicely, so I have a few $$ coming in soon. If I can stay the way I am with my expenses, I can save some money for the next part of my journey, which will either be SE Asia or South America (I haven’t decided which way to go round the globe yet – any recommendations?).

All in all, things are looking good and I consider myself very lucky that it all worked out so well. While I did put in a lot of effort (countless hours on the internet applying for jobs and apartments marketing myself to a lot of people), I think it could have turned out way worse. Mission Starting a New Life In New Zealand: Accomplished!


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