Casket girl saves the world

Today I was talking to some of my new friends, one of them had an accident recently and his arm was in a cast because of it which doesn’t stop him from lifting heavy things and me from fussing over him and carrying stuff for him instead.

So when he lifted up a couple of cups I was like “oh, you shouldn’t do that with your casket!” And he was like “my what?” while I got a huge lol from everyone in nearby and I was like “Well, the thing on your arm.” And he was like “That’s not a casket darling, I am not dead yet.”

So now I am casket girl…

When I was in Japan my English was sooooo great. I could talk about everything to everybody but when I am here, I recognize the limitations of my vocabulary basically every day. Which is good because it means that before I was a big fish in a small pond while here I am out in the ocean.

Another thing is that, before I would have died of shame and would have probably gotten totally red and beaten myself up on the inside silently for the next couple of hours, cursing on how I should know better because I studied English and bla bla bla but now I just continued talking and I am able to laugh about myself. I only noticed this later, but when I noticed it I was really surprised at myself at how relaxed I was.

Also, I have gotten a little bit smoother in small talk already and because everybody around me is really friendly it is very easy to be friendly to everybody. In Japan I learned how to be polite and how to be aware of hierarchie and treat people with respect. Here I learn how to be friendly and kind to everybody regardless of social standing. It is only recently that I realized the extent of what I have learned in Japan and how the country has impacted me and my behaviour. It is only now that I can comprehend my experience and how it has shaped the way I am thinking. Thanks to this third perspective I am able to get a better picture of myself and my surrounding. Even though it might be a bit hasty to say it, but coming here and doing another “Working Holiday” was one of the best decisions in my life.

Casket girl saves the world

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