Optimizing life in New Zealand

A new life needs a new routine. Things that worked in Japan don’t work here in New Zealand and so the past weeks were about finding out what works and what doesn’t, making embarrassing or expensive mistakes along the way.

I took a Yoga class along the way and bought myself a Yoga mat today, a super fancy one from a proper brand because that was the only one I could get my hands on. Good quality equipment means double the fun, especially if you use it every day, which I intend to do. Finally happy happy Yoga time again!

Coffee is a Wellington staple.

Then I cleaned my trainers, which I should have done ages ago… Not sure if I will use them more often now (as you do Yoga barefooted), but now at least I can use them when they are dry. I put them into the washing mashine to wash, not sure if that was the best idea, but they were pretty messed up from all the mud in Kaikoura when I was hunting seals with my camera.

Then I started batch cooking. I got a few containers to store all the food and now I go to the Sunday market once a week where the food is local and inexpensive and after that batch cook for the entire workweek. Saves me both money and time and I always know what to eat when I am hungry and don’t go snacking on junk food. I don’t have a scale but I might have lost some weight already because my clothes are all pretty loose. So it is back to “bentos”, but a little different than before.

DSC00342Then I started cleaning the house, bit by bit. It is still an ongoing process, but it is getting better. I will probably be in charge of this flat if I want it to be clean, but if that’s what it takes then so be it.

Also, I’m exploring the library in Wellington which has nice movies and great books that I can read during my lunchbreak. In addition to finding productive ways to spend my lunchbreak I also found that audiobooks are great when you have a 30 min walking commute. I wanted to get a bike here, but I don’t think I will because walking is actually a pretty good exercise, I get to one hour walking a day and can listen to interesting things which is win/win. I don’t think I could do that while biking, the roads don’t seem bicycle commuting friendly here – even less here than in Tokyo which is kind of weird – and the bus is too expensive, so walking it is!

Picture taken from one of Wellie’s great coffee places.

I feel like I am finally getting back on track. I am now going through the fun part of the adjusting to a new country phase, the phase when after hours of research and countless times of trial and error and a lot of fail, things are looking up and start working out the way I want them to. The amount of money I spent on food in the first few weeks just because I didn’t know the market. The research I did on cycling in Wellington before deciding I shouldn’t get a bike. The hours of looking for the perfect flat only to discover that it is a bit more dirty than I would like it to be. Talking crazy English to all kinds of people.

Seeing on how things are getting more smooth each day gives me the feeling that I can achieve anything. I can make anything work anywhere, even if things are not pretty at the beginning, in most cases they just need some fine tuning, I just need to figure things out and all will be good. A very powerful feeling this.

Optimizing life in New Zealand

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