I can cook

Somewhen in the last few years it seems that I have learned how to cook. Not only make some spaghetti or open a can of tuna to eat it with some toast, but cook a healthy meal from scratch with whatever is in the fridge, without any recipe.

Today I came home hungry from a walk and because tomorrow is the weekly market and I will buy all kinds of food for the week, I decided to use up all the leftovers that I had to start with a clean slate for the new week tomorrow.

So I cut all the vegetables I had left in small pieces, took a can of mixed beans, some tomato puree, chili, garlic, balsamico vinegar and just when I put in the paprika with the salt and pepper, I realized that I just cooked a really healthy (even low-carb), and really yummy dinner for myself. In less than 20 mins, with very little clean up and all with leftovers.

I don’t know why but this makes me feel like a proper grown-up ๐Ÿ˜€

I feel independent, creative, free and sustainable, being able to feed myself with tasty, healthy meals without any help in any country with any ingredients.

Unfortunately I was too hungry to take any pictures of this beautiful meal, but I will do that next time.

I can cook

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