Day 2

How is it going with my challenge? Well, I am one day closer to the deadline which means one day closer to my goal.

1) Yoga 20 in 30 challenge: Nope, today I went to play Squash. I did some Yoga to warm up though… But I guess that doesn’t count: still 1/20

2) Pre-cook meals to reduce carbs and eat a healthy meal a day: yeah!

3) No alcohol: Yeah!

4) No sugar: Still not happening… Although the amount has decreased significantly, I still can’t get over my afternoon snacking habit. I need to figure out a different way to get some energy in the afternoon, or I won’t be able to stop munching cookies.

5) Learn something new: Uhhh… yeah? No? It’s really hard! Yesterday I did do some learning until midnight, but then I totally overslept today and was almost late for work. Today during lunch break I played chess, so that got my brain running (I even won, against  somebody who is super experienced, so I was really happy), but that’s not what I want as a final goal, which is consistency and in doing MOOCs and upskilling.

Day 2

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