Up to day 17

What a week! The weekend is near, so it is time to recap things.

1) Yoga 20 in 30 challenge: 11/20 (and 4/? for Squash etc.). I am getting tired of the Bikram Yoga place I am going to though… This style is definitely not for me.

2) Pre-cook meals to reduce carbs and eat a healthy meal a day: Tomatos and eggs for lunch. Yum!

3) No alcohol: I feel bad for even mentioning this anymore as it is pretty easy now.

4) No sugar: Fail. My job is stressful at the moment and chocolate brings some relief… I know chocolate isn’t the answer to my problem, but for now I am turning to comfort food. Gotta find an alternative to this soon!

5) Learn something new: Getting closer to my goal. My lunchtime is well spent every day, watching videos and learning chess.

Up to day 17

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