Up to day 23

So, I had some time to figure some things out and decided to shift some things and to set some new goals for myself. Some things became less important and others more, so I quit some things and quick-started others.

1) Yoga 20 in 30 challenge: 11/20. I won’t finish the challenge as I am sick and tired of Bikram Yoga. I can’t make myself go there anymore.

Usually the hardest part of doing Yoga is actually the going to class part. Once you are there, the rest is easy, no matter how hard the class actually is.

Nevertheless, Bikram Yoga managed to suck the joy out of me. I felt miserable even while I was doing it. There are several reasons I don’t like this style – the teachers, the facilities (you get 2 mins of shower time after class), the way they approach Yoga (“I don’t care what kind of handicap you have that prevent you from doing that pose, you are not allowed to adjust the pose, you have to do it the right way.”), so I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody, but maybe I was just unlucky and this particular studio is not good, so I will keep an open mind for the next time Bikram Yoga and I cross paths.

Instead, I decided I will try out the local gym for a couple of months. They have Yoga classes as well and a some other classes that are fun (I’ve done a trial already) so this is where I’ll be signing up this week.

2) Pre-cook meals to reduce carbs and eat a healthy meal a day: Eggs, tuna fish, tomato soup. Trying to up the protein to feel less hungry and to avoid binge eating. I also add more fat to my diet and my body loves it. I have to be careful of the sugar and the carbohydrates though because that will make me gain weight.

3) No alcohol: Easy as pie would be the wrong thing to say because of 4)…

4) No sugar: Continuous fail. I’m probably not trying hard enough at the moment, I’m not strict enough with myself, allowing myself to indulge:

A slice of (birthday) cake in the office yesterday (not my birthday, but it would be rude to refuse, right? And one should not be rude to the birthday girl/boy…*cough lies! cough*) Also I had a cookie cookies. Then some delicious New Zealand honey (which is wayyyy better than German honey by the way). Today it went well, I managed to eat clean all day, nevertheless this tiny success feels very random.

5) Learn something new: I got it structured now and I’m making real progress. I use apps and videos during my lunchtime, podcasts for the way to work on my smartphone so I get something done instead of lurking around at lunchtime or listening to music on my way to work. Now the only thing I need to do is stick to it.

Up to day 23

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