Day 28

I’m already doing preparations for the next 30 day challenge, so this is all about finishing what I started before I can begin the September challenge. I got big plans, it’ll be all about health, both mental and physical which will be immensly fun and challenging because I never focused on both before.

1) Yoga 20 in 30 challenge: Nope, not happening, I quit going to Yoga studios for the time being and practice on my own now so I can do whatever I feel like in whichever way I feel like.

2) Pre-cook meals to reduce carbs and eat a healthy meal a day: Ongoing

3) No alcohol: Ongoing

4) No sugar: 3 days without sugar (I was so proud!) and then there was free cake… Free chocolate cake.

5) Learn something new: Like pulling teeth. Only more painful. And I’m doing everything I can (including blogging) to procrastinate, which is why I should stop writing this post and hit the books – or in my case videos instead.

Day 28

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