September habits 30 day challenge – up to day 5

In August I had some time to figure out what’s important and what’s managable in terms of habit change and goal setting, so how did the first 5 days of my September challenge go? Well I introduced some new goals, like meditation, so here we go.

  1. Workout 20 in 30: I made this more generic as to exercise in general and not only Yoga, and so far going to the new gym has been great! (5/20 done)

  2. No carb lunch: Doing good! I used to add a slice of rye bread to the mix when I was absolutely famished, but it works without the bread which is good, just add more eggs or tuna or an avocado. (5/30 done)

  3. No sugar: Inconsistent but I’ve had some success. 4 days in total for this month’s challenge, but then 200g of hazelnut milk chocolate happened at work in one afternoon… why did I binge? I have no idea. Stress maybe? Back on track today and yesterday. (4/30)

  4. Learning and Development: I wonder why this is so difficult for me. I continue doing it, but for some reason progress is slow. I tried to combine it with exercise, eg watching videos while on the treadmill and I hope I get over the weirdness soon. (5/30)

  5. Meditate once a day for at least 3 minutes: Success! I have cheated a bit and started the challenge early, about 3 weeks ago in mid-August, but I keep on doing it every day so far. For some weird reason, the more sugar I eat (eg. the 200g hazelnut extreme eating feast) the less I am able to focus. Or at least that’s what I feel – I need more testing to make sure this is not some random coincidence. (5/30)

  6. Take supplements daily: Thanks to daily reminders from my smartphone, it’s hard to forget, so it’s a success. (5/30)

September habits 30 day challenge – up to day 5

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