September habits 30 day challenge – challenge completed

Wow, that was one busy September! Lots of plans, lots of changes, lots of new goals that slowly start to form.

The things that suffer first when I’m stressed are the non-sugar eating and the studying, but I stay consistent in my meditation and workout habits.

  1. Workout 20 in 30: I made it! Exactly 20 out of 30 – if I go today it’ll be 21 out of 30 which is awesome! Going to the gym is lots of fun and almost automatic after work. My biggest win in this category is that I was finally able to do a free headstand for about a minute. I still had the wall behind be for safety reasons and for going up into the headstand, but after that, I was able to balance on my own for 3 times 20 seconds.

  2. No carb lunch: Avocado is in season now and there is tuna and eggs and tomatos, so I’m a happy foodie.

  3. No sugar: Pathetic… I managed 3 days, so 10% without sugar. I can do better than this. Nevertheless I upped my protein intake so that I have some serious fatloss results showing! Look at them abs forming! woohoo! 😀

  4. Learning and Development: Procrastinaaaaaation: 17/30. That makes it roughly 50% which is better than last month, so learning while on the treadmill is showing some results, but still I can do better.

  5. Meditate once a day for at least 3 minutes: Make it 10 minutes once a day, because that’s what I did! Mostly consistent 26/30 – not bad for the first month! Way to go!

  6. Take supplements daily: 28/30, I forgot them twice which is okay I guess, human error just happens sometimes. I think I can feel a difference so I will continue taking them.

IMG_1803To sum things up: Life is good. I had a pretty rough time finding work/life balance in the past 18 months, spending most of my time in the office but this has changed for the better and I feel more relaxed, happy and full of energy. I feel like for the first time in my working life that there is a balance that I can work with where I enjoy going to the office every day and I also enjoy hanging out with friends afterwards.

The only thing that worries me is 4. L&D, which is why I need to put a larger focus on it in the future. My biggest challenge: Motivate myself to do something which I am crap at and hate doing, and face my inner fears and demons that tell me that I am too stupid to do this anyway and what’s the point of it, and that it is much more comfortable to watch a movie instead. Maybe I’m just not consistent enough with this, because if you do something every day it’s a habit, if you do something every second day, it’s suddenly negotiable. This seems to be calling for a third day of habit forming exercises, but maybe not on my blog…

By the way, the apps that I used were both not really to my satisfaction, they were really inconvenient to use and there is room for lots of improvement, even if you use them combined (which I did) it was a little awkward to keep track, so I will try a simple spreadsheet for the next month and see how that works. Synchronize it with my phone and it should be great – this is all about minimalism, so why not simplify things a little. Less is more!

September habits 30 day challenge – challenge completed

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