My minimalist make up

It has been some time since I last reviewed my possessions, the simple reason being that they are so streamlined and taylored to my needs that most of the time I don’t even think about them anymore. Nevertheless, there might be people out there who are interested in seeing how minimalism works and with how little one can thrive and so I thought I might give you an update on how things work with my make up. This is a big topic especially for the ladies and it is really easy to accumulate a lot of clutter in this particular area, so this is where I start today.

I have made several entries about this topic before and I have struggled quite a bit before I found the best solution for me, so things take time and what I am showing here is really just the final version, a snapshot of what I started 18 months ago.

There is all I need to look pretty every day 🙂

Starting from left to right: Concealer (one in nude, one in green in a round pot below), foundation (in green), compact powder, lipgloss, mascara (in black and clear), eyeshadow (multiple colors to keep it versatile and fun), lipbalm, tweezers, something to curl eyelashes with and a tiny brush-thingy.

This is basically all I need to make myself look presentable for my job or if I want to go out. Some items are from Germany, some are from Japan, but that really doesn’t matter. Brands are not what I want to focus on right now. It is not about what I use – because this is a really individual thing, every girl has their own favourite brands and favourite products – but how much I use. The products above represent the minimum I can use and still look good. Each and every item has its purpose, there is nothing in that picture that I don’t use when I put makeup on. There are no “just in case items” there. I got every item once, except the eyeshadow (which is for fun, girly reasons), and I can do a proper pretty makeup by combining things. In addition to this, I like to take care of my skin by eating healthy, working out and sleeping a lot. If you do this, you develop natural beauty and don’t need as much make up.

DSC03488 - Kopie
To get all the crap off…

Then, of course you have to get all the crap off again of your face, which is what the aleppo soap is for. Also, since it is Winter in NZ right now, I kept some stuff from Japan to keep my face from wrinkling up and hurting, which dry winter air can do.

Therefore, I have some lotions and some toner and hand cream because in Winter my hands start acting up and get all dry and painful (which is one of the reasons why the tube of handcream is the largest one, the other reason is that they only sell this in a big tube. Not very travel friendly by the way.)

DSC03486 - KopieThen there is the other random stuff that I use. A razor, a hairbrush, some scissors to cut my hair when it gets really long. Then some deodorant cream and perfume. I am especially in love with the deodorant cream and the perfume. The cream is small, compact, it lasts a long time and it works very very well. Then, I made the perfume my signature scent, it is a small luxury that I smell every day and I think it is classy and cool. In addition to that, there is of course hair bands and hair pins, one bottle of shower gel and one of shampoo plus toothbrush and toothpaste which I forgot to include in the picture (because they are regular boring items that most of you have). That’s it, that’s all. 22 items I feel comfortable with and like to use.

How many beauty products do you have? Do you like them all? Do you use them all?

My minimalist make up

One thought on “My minimalist make up

  1. Bruce A. Sorkin says:

    I like it. Swap out a double sided safety razor and I’m sold. I like the emphasis on quality. You can’t feel deprived when you have fewer but better things. It’s easier for us men. My whole kit contains brush, toothbrush, sunscreen, shampoo, razor, styptic pencil, Pinaud aftershave, nail clippers, scissors, and soap. I’ve noticed that both nature and my wife both abhor a vacuum and as my kit shrank she started to store her things on the zen-like space of my medicine cabinet shelf. Instead of resorting to the Maginot Line of toiletries, I’ve let her numerous toiletries coexist peacefully with mine. Its a sacrifice for love.

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