Rat race? What’s that? Can I eat that?

My second time in a bigger corporate environment is an interesting experience. I’m getting sucked into a world full of grown ups and it feels like highschool all over again: The popular, sporty, the artists, emos, nerds, barbies, wannabe’s… Everyone belongs to a certain group, abiding to their social rules and norms, along with status symbols of all colours and shapes… And everybody is crawling all over each other in order to get to the top.

And in the middle of all of that:

me. a minimalist.

Who could care less about status symbols and who wants to travel the world and have adventures.

So, how does a minimalist deal with the rat race? How does a minimalist deal  with fitting in and with getting to the top of the game? It’s actually very simpel!

Instead of buying expensive furniture, learning about wine or golf, shopping for designer bags or watches, I’m rocking my $20 dresses everyday at work and enjoy my life after 5PM:

  • Take a walk at the waterfront
  • Eat ice cream at kaffee eis
  • walk to the beach – 10 mins from home and put my feet into the ocean
  • enjoy the library selection on a rainy day or the museum
  • play with the neighbour’s cat
  • climb Mount Victoria at sunset and watch the sun go down over my favourite coolest little capital
  • work out at the gym and practice headstands
  • go out for dinner with friends
  • look at the countless, beautiful and strange (street-)art
  • take pictures of basically everything that moves or doesn’t move – it’s spring!

It’s amazing how much fun you can have if you don’t give a fuck about appearances and about what other people think. Even in a corporate world, even if you are surrounded by a bunch of people who lead different lives and have different goals it’s possible to have fun and do your own thing and be happy.

Also, if you turn a blind eye on everybody’s stuff, their designer suits and expensive cars, if you don’t try to follow into the footsteps of the people to whom these things matters, if you stop being jealous about their jewellery, you realize you don’t have to live up to their standards. You can pick your own standards and live your life according to what you want to make out of it, creating your own values and your own life, living your dream and having your own unique personality that is totally unrelated to your work-life. You will start defining yourself not by how much money you make but by what you are and what you do. And the best thing is, you don’t have to quit your job for that, or become a monk who lives on a mountain or something. You can start with that mindset today or tomorrow or any time you like really.

Oh, by the way, if you are worried about ending up alone: Somehow there will always be other, likeminded people who don’t give a fuck about the same things as you do and who are all in for adventures. And then there are always people who think because of your way of life you are the coolest person in town, so they want to hang out with you.

Life can be fun, why make it hard? The only person that’s keeping you from being happy is yourself 🙂

Rat race? What’s that? Can I eat that?

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