Life is good…

…it is Sunday, I’m recovering from my cold which bugged me for the past week, and I can finally see the end of it, so today was the first big day for me where I was able to walk around and enjoy Wellington a little bit. Normal life proceeding in the coolest little capital on earth.

I went to the Sunday Market and bought lots of fruit and eggs and bread, then I went to the library, had ice cream with friends and went around the waterfront to the Diwali festival. Then I walked into an unexpected street festival on my way home and now I’m relaxing, blogging and watching a movie. Not bad for a Sunday I think.

Chocolate and hazelnut ice cream from kaffee eis


It’s getting warmer here and the days are getting longer. The sun is up and shining when I’m walking down the hill to work in the mornings and it is still up and shining after work when I’m on to the gym, which is good. I guess sooner or later, depending on the weather, I will cancel my gym membership and do my workouts outside. Right now it’s still a little cool and the weather is unpredictable, but this should change soon enough. On a day like the above, who wants to spend their time inside, really. I’m eager to start working out again and will hopefully be able to do that by Wednesday, I’ll start my meditation practice today (no sense in meditating when you can’t breathe), the faster I get back on track the less excuses I can make.

Stay healthy and enjoy your life!

Life is good…

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