No complaint November

By now you should have noticed that I looooooove challenges! Even though sometimes it’s hard to complete them, it’s a good way to try something new and learn something about yourself, expand your comfort zone and make habit changes that will give you a happier life.

So without further ado, the challenge for the next month will be “No complaint November”.

by Lao Tse
If you do inspirational quotes, do them right: big flower, nice fonts and all *g*. Forgot to add that this quote is by Lao Tse…

I usually highly detest inspirational quotes because people just use them on their website so that people feel inspired for a second and then never follow the advice, but for the sake of this months challenge I think it is fitting as I will do exactly what Lao Tse suggest: Watch my words.

I’ve experienced the effect that he is describing in the past, my life has changed negatively as well as positively according to my thoughts. We are what we think we are, and we can be what we think we can be and the only limits that we have are within ourselves. So in order to make the most of this effect, I proudly present my November challenge.

For the next 30 days I will monitor my voice by putting a hairband on my wrist that I will switch to the other side whenever I complain about something. Basically it is inspired by this, where people wear bracelets and go for 21 days without complaining. Maybe I’ll even get one of the fancy bracelets that people use for the challenge, but as I’m a minimalist I might as well use what I already have and not add more stuff.

The way it’ll work for me: I’m not allowed to complain for 30 days. The only way I can say something negative is when I offer productive criticism that means that I have to make a suggestion to change the situation to make it better.

Tiny example: “That sucks! I hate it! It looks so ugly!” -> will be replaced by “Maybe the color scheme on that website is a bit too bright. In order to attract more female viewers it might be better to change the colors to pastel ones.”

Want to join in on the no complaining? Leave me a comment below and let the fun begin šŸ˜€

No complaint November

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