Remember remember…

…the 5th of November!

Anyone know this bit? If you don’t I highly recommend watching V like Vendetta. Or read the comic, which might even be better. Awesome story, I’m a huge fan!

Anyway, why am I talking crazy like this you might be wondering… I recently (today) learned that this fabulous little town actually celebrates Guy Fawkes by doing a gigantic firework tomorrow evening. The whole week was already packed with fireworks as this is the one official week where people are allowed to do fireworks by themselves which will end in a grande finale on Saturday night.

How awesome is that?! If Wellington is “The Coolest Little Capital”, then New Zealand is “The Craziest Awesome Country” ♥️ 🎆 Fireworks alone would be awesome, but to know that the reason behind them is Guy Fawkes, that’s just the cherry on top of the icing. I’ll post some pictures, if I get nice ones (highly doubt i though), have a great weekend everyone!

Remember remember…

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