Lazy days in Wellington

お久しぶりです!It’s been a while I haven’t blogged, and so I think I owe you a small update of what’s recently going on in my life and where I’m headed now and also what’s with the new layout and so on…

1) Update: After I’ve been hitting the gym most evenings for the past 3 months, I’ve regained some of my strength and flexibility. I’ve lost a couple of pounds and become stronger and faster again. After being a lazy bum in Japan for 9 months this was high-time and it came really in handy when I moved out of my tiny apartment (where the sun never shined) and into a new place with a huge bed and an awesome view (for the same price almost). It also has crazy flatmates who adopted two hedgehogs the week I arrived. From a minimalist viewpoint, moving was very relaxed and quickly done and over as I have little belongings. All finished in one weekend and afterwards I had some time to relax in my new flat with some tea and kiwi chocolate.


2) After being so successful in the gym and learning a bunch of new things, like rope jumping and headstand and handstand even, I decided I would save the $130 per month and do my gym workout outside and on my yoga mat in the living room. I wasn’t doing any of their classes anyway and most exercises I do use body-weight only, so there should be no reason for me to be less successful outside (apart from the weather which has proved itself to be really shitty in the last couple days… oh well!).

By the way, one website I really love for fitness tips and tricks is  I strongly dislike fitness for fitness sake, I would never run or diet just to look good in a bikini, instead I love to gain new skills like walking on my hands or being able to lift something heavy or kick someone in the head. This site helps people to gamify fitness (yes, that’s a word) and for some reason it succeeds in making me to want to work out, whereas sites or magazines like “Shape” and the like fail…

3) After not being able to get a couple of apps that I really want I decided it is time for a new smartphone. I got the Motorola Moto G (second gen) which is an awesome low budget phone and which can do everything I want it to do without freezing like my old Samsung did (Samsung is not to blame, it was about 6-7 years old, so it served me well). Now that I can use my phone for more stuff I started tracking things like my steps, my food intake, mood, meditation, and my sleep. In a couple of months I should have an interesting amount of data which will let me analyze my current lifestyle and which I can then start tweaking and improving. All that I am missing now is a fitness tracker (like fitbit or jawbone or something) that will help me do this and that will automate what I now do manually.

4) Nevertheless this data will not be long-term data, as I will be on the road again at the end of February. Next up is the rest of the New Zealand North Island and then Australia, after that Latin America and then who knows. It should be interesting to keep a food and exercise diary there to see what changes when I hit the road again. Right now I’m thinking about travelling with carry-on luggage only, but maybe I’ll change my mind if I find that I have to send back/sell/throw away/donate too many items… Aah, the joy of ultra-minimalism!!!

5) What’s with the new layout? Well, sometimes it’s just time for a change and as you know by now I love experimenting with the tiny stuff. Not too sure about the layout though, it’s like getting a new hair-color and then thinking “Hmm, maybe the old one looked better…?”. You can leave your opinion in the comments if you want to, maybe I’ll change it back in a couple of days, maybe I find something better.

So long!

Lazy days in Wellington

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