No complaint November wrap up

Why did it take me so long to wrap no complaint November up? After all, it’s the middle of December now, almost Christmas… Well I could have let it slide, but I felt really bad about that. So I did the natural thing which is procrastination which made me feel more bad about it so I finally decided to face it.

Okay, so the main reason why it took me so long is because I think I failed. I complained quite a lot during November, maybe actually more than in other months. I talked badly about people, even though I tried to hold myself back and I also had a lot of really bad thoughts about life and people and things concerning them… But here are a couple of things I took from no complaint November that are interesting and that might inspire you to try this out yourself too:

For one, I now notice immediately when I complain about something. My level of awareness has risen significantly and I also came to notice this in my surrounding area when people complain.

A curious thing is that people who don’t complain are really much more successful than people who complain. I read about that somewhere and I understood that in a theoretical sense, but now I can really see it! The difference between the complainers and the non-complainers is huge!

the moonA second thing that baffled me was that the above was almost entirely unrelated to the actual situation they are in. I experienced non-complaining as well as complaining people in bad situations and throughout the situation the people who didn’t complain emerged stronger from it.

I have really no idea why, but somehow a positive approach to life attracts positive things. I personally don’t believe in “positive thinking” , but now that I saw the difference between complaining and non-complaining I’m convinced that there is something about this. Maybe not “positive thinking”, that’s too generic, but definitely not talking bad about something, and definitely not complaining.

I would definitely recommend a month (or a week) of trying to not complain – I will keep trying to reduce the amount of complaining in my life – but I must warn you that it’s difficult and that it’s life-changing and that the effects will baffle you and will make you not want to complain ever again. I’d be happy to hear if you want to try this, so feel free to share in the comments.

No complaint November wrap up

One thought on “No complaint November wrap up

  1. I did something similar a few years ago when I realised how complainy and negative I was becoming. The woman I sat beside and I used to still complain, but we would catch ourselves at it as well and finish off by saying something like “oh well, isn’t it good that we stay positive about everything”. Eventually, we didn’t even need to complain, when something annoying happened it was enough to just say “good thing we’re so positive” to cause a laugh and an understanding grin/grimace. But along the lines of “fake it till you make it” it actually did really help both of us to become more positive in general. Frustrating and annoying and negative things still happened but we took it in and let it out far quicker than before.

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