Minimalist Christmas

It’s almost Christmas! Gasp! I don’t have a tree yet and I don’t have any presents or any decoration around the house! I didn’t send any cards to family or friends and I will be totally screwed if I don’t get busy right now and go buy some presents and get this Christmas started! Am I right??!

Naaaah, totally wrong! Here are three things you should do instead of getting crazy busy before the holidays:

Don’t get a tree. Yep, I just wrote that and here is why: Just getting one, then having it around the house for a couple of weeks and then throwing it away is bad for the environment. Totally unsustainable and that’s not cool. Save your time and $$ and the environment and go out to look at the big Christmas trees in town instead. They are way taller than the one you could fit in your house and are very beautiful to look at if you actually take the time to do so. Also you can gather around them with friends or even make a tour to find the 3 best Christmas trees in town together. A fun event!

Make presents minimalistic. Instead of getting some random stuff, I for example will make Christstollen, cook some nice dinner with wine and then watch a movie or go to the beach to lie in the sun. It’s also great fun to bake cookies with the family or sing some Christmas carols. Who needs present to get into a Christmas mood? Yeah, nobody!

Minimalistic gift giving often entails doing things rather than getting things, and it can also involve doing things for charity, which means giving to others on that day. Volunteer in a soup kitchen or do some random acts of kindness. Better yet, do them all year round! Another minimalistic option would be donating some money for charity if there is no time to volunteer. If you absolutely have to give a present, get some consumables.

What else do you need to celebrate a minimalist Christmas? Time with your loved ones! Tell stories, play games, enjoy each others company, have meaningful conversations and drink hot chocolate (or in my case sangria). Because you don’t spend all of your time shopping and stressing out, you actually have plenty of time to enjoy your holidays!
Happy holidays!

Minimalist Christmas

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