New Years Resolutions? …LOL, no.

2015 will be awesome! I don’t need any silly resolutions for that and here is why:

After staying put for about 9 months in Wellington the travel bug is biting me again, and I will leave this wonderful city in less than 4 weeks and move on to the northern part of the North Island to see a few things I missed when I traveled through it last time.

Although I spent about 2 years abroad now, I feel like I barely got any time to travel, because I was working a lot. On the plus side this means I got a lot of work experience and got to see aspects of people’s lives and insights into the countries I visited that not many other people got. I build some friendships got to know a lot of awesome people and spent a lot of time with friends and colleagues. It also means that I got to know the places I lived at on a deeper level, I became a local for some time and learned how to make myself at home in a foreign country (twice), to build new routines and to make friends with people.

On the negative side, it means that I didn’t have as much fun doing sightseeing and being on vacation which was the original plan when I took off from Germany.

After two years I decided it is high time that I finally travel-travel and so a couple of months back I made the decision to see more of this wonderful planet that we live on.

After exploring the great beaches and nature of the North Island, I will take a flight to Australia to go diving in the Great Barrier Reef (a thing that’s on many people’s bucket lists) and then fly to Hawaii to go diving again (if I like it) or learn to dance the Hula.

Then the plan is to fly to the American mainland and start to travel down south to Latin America. I will visit places like Mexico, Colombia, the Galapagos islands, Peru and many many more, so this blog will turn from a blog about minimalism to a blog about travel again. I hope you don’t mind 😀

One minimalist thing though is that I will travel with less luggage. I don’t need my business clothes any longer and so they will be sent home (some will be sold) which will about halve my belongings and which will allow me to travel with a laptop backpack and a carry-on sized trolley.

So, all in all, no fancy new years resolutions for me, and no bucket list either, but loads of fun while (finally!) traveling the world.

So long!

New Years Resolutions? …LOL, no.

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