Bye bye Wellington – this minimalist is traveling again

Sorry for not having posted new posts for a longer time, I’ve been busy with travel prep and leaving the country prep…

Now I finally arrived at my next destination and free library Wifi allows me to post some updates of what happened recently and how minimalistic I’m traveling now. So what happened the past 2 weeks? Well, I had to do what everyone who wants to go overseas has to do: disassemble and sell a household. This is the 3rd time already that I’m doing that and it’s kind of a routine now – I’m getting good at reducing and minimizing things to get to the essence of what’s really important.

The first step of moving out is, obviously, selling your furniture. As I didn’t get a furnished place, I had to sell everything before I could move out, so I got myself a trademe account, that’s the way Kiwis sell their stuff online, which I eventually didn’t even use because my landlord agreed to buy all of my furniture for a nice price. The things I didn’t sell, like towels, toaster, a kitchen scale, hair dryer, I gave away to some friends who were more than happy to receive them. The hassle of selling these items would’ve been much bigger than the money I would’ve gotten so this was the ideal way for me.

My travel clothes – packed tightly into packing cubes

Then, I had to minimize some of my personal belongings. When I first started my journey to Japan I wanted to work in an office, so I had to pack a lot of formal clothes to wear and while lugging them around in NZ made sense (because I wanted to work here too), I don’t want to work again like that until I’m back in Germany so I had to send some more expensive items, like my trench coat or my leather bag, home.

The things that aren’t that expensive or that lost their quality/fit said goodbye to and donated them. I got rid of all of my shoes besides a pair of trekking boots, jogging shoes and ballerinas (plus jandals).

right: old; left: new

My lovely suitcase took a beating from a bad Intercity bus driver on the South Island, so I had to get a new one, and because I’m a bit ambitious, I can now fit all of my belongings into a suitcase that’s 25% smaller than my old one. My new red suitcase is carry on size – no banana for scale unfortunately…

The last step was packing the remaining things up and leaving.

I decided that it’s important for me to be able to practice Yoga wherever I go, so I packed some exercise clothes and my slim black travel Yoga mat in addition to my regular clothes. Apart from that I think my packing list is pretty average. I watched a couple of youtube videos before from people who want to visit the same regions I plan to visit to get the ideal prep.

Minimalist travel = more adventures = more fun = less stress

I will never forget my 9 months in windy Wellington, the coolest little capital on earth! and I miss it already, but I’m also looking forward to seeing the North Island, especially to the Tongariro Crossing and Coromandel!

Bye bye Wellington – this minimalist is traveling again

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