Sunburn here sunburn there sunburn everywhere!

Aloha! The past two weeks have been quality time offline, mainly due to the fact that the hostel(s) that advertised free Wifi had free Wifi for about 5 minutes and then it was 20AUD per day to keep it running. Makes me feel glad that I don’t have an online business, I would’ve been screwed if that was the case. So what has happened between now and my last blog post?

A lot! Lots of great news from friends at home, lots of people connecting with me, also lots of sunburn and mosquito bites (about 20 bites and trust me, I’ve tried everything I could think of and I’m not amused because it itches like hell and there is Dengue Fever going on around Australia). Lots of animals, some I took pictures of, some I didn’t because they were too fast/it was too dark/I didn’t have my camera with me/they were in the water. I really love animals in general, especially mammals but they’re hard to come by here on this continent. Nevertheless, I love them and so most encounters were special for me and made me happy:

  • Possum (with baby)
  • Snake (black, slightly poisonous)
  • Spider as big as your face (literally)
  • Rock Wallaby
  • Tropical fish (starring Dory and Nemo and his Dad and many many more)
  • Tortoise (two of them)
  • Iguanas
  • Lizards
  • Flying foxes
  • Cockatoos (8 of them at once)
  • Weird birds that walk on very very long legs, like tiny emu
  • Tiny crocodile
  • Mosquitoes, sand flies, regular flies, tiny spiders, other tiny animals that can do some damage and are annoying
  • no koalas (damn them, they’re too shy to find in the wild and I didn’t want to pay to see them in a zoo – yet)

I also had the great opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and face my fears.

  • fear of the deep sea (big)
  • fear of drowning and being eaten by fish (yes, that’s a thing for me)
  • fear of being alone (that’s a classic, really)
  • fear of getting sick in a foreign country (just this morning as I was in pretty bad shape due to severe sunburn and mosquito bites)
  • fear of birds (but I got bitten….)
  • fear of snakes
  • fear of spiders (including panic attack in the middle of the Australian bush)
  • fear of getting robbed and worse (thank you Mr possum for hissing and scaring me that night in the tent…)

Ain’t that something… in a nutshell.

…and because I was too lazy to write a diary of some sort during that time, I’m pretty sure I forgot some of them. But I will blog about some in more detail in the future. The major theme of the past 2 weeks was mostly “Why am I doing this to myself???” but I had fun tackling some of my fears, not that they are completely gone (some far from it) but I feel like I’ve had great adventures and lots of new experiences.

A young Rock Wallaby waiting for me to give it some treats.
Sunburn here sunburn there sunburn everywhere!

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