Like riding a bicycle

Falling off your bike is part of life.

Suffering is part of life. Failing is part of life. Life will never go on smoothly. Life always is a struggle. Everybody struggles with something in their lives. You struggle and I do too. At the end of life, there always lies death. Nobody is invincible, no matter how many material possessions you have, no matter how nice your life is, life is finite.

The question is how to deal with suffering, failing, with setbacks or sickness. When things stop going smoothly, when life becomes rough, when people get sick and die, when shit hits the fan it is up to you how to deal with it.

Because in all this mess we still have a choice.

We have a choice how to react to shitty situations. We have a choice of how to respond. Do I cry after falling off my bicycle? Do I complain about falling off? Do I throw my bike away and swear never to ride it again? Do I blame the bad conditions of the road for throwing me off? Do I buckle up and get back on? Am I thankful for wearing a helmet? Do I learn from the experience? Will falling down even make me a better biker who is able to teach others how to ride a bike?

We can’t avoid falling, we can’t avoid pain and eventually death. But if we deal with pain in line with our values, we lessen the pain. If we choose to respond in a positive way, if we are thankful for what happens, we can become happy.

After a huge rainfall, the sky opens up and light shines through the clouds. Picture taken in Ireland, the Ring of Kerry, 2011.
Like riding a bicycle

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