Koalas in Brisbane

I noticed that my last post sounded as if I didn’t see any koalas at all in Australia, which is absolutely not true, quite the contrary. It’s just that I didn’t see any wild koalas.

So when I heard of the Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane, my last stop in Australia, I absolutely had to visit. Not only do they have koalas, they also have kangaroos, dingos, bats, and, what made me very excited: platypus.

After the obligatory sightseeing in Brisbane, I took the bus to the Sanctuary and had the most amazing time feeding the kangaroos (eww, I got kangaroo spit on my hands and one sneezed on my tshirt), watching the many koalas up close (and smelling them up close) and learning more about snakes and birds and everything else that lives on the Australian continent.

So many weird animals! I love weird animals! Speaking of weird, the platypus was much too fast to take a picture of. I had somehow always imagined them being lazy animals, just floating around, but let me tell you I tried for a good 25 minutes to take at least one decent picture of them but couldn’t get one due to their speed. Never underestimate this animal and be happy that it’s a peaceful one. If platypus were in some way dangerous, the world would be screwed because you would never be able to see them coming!

Brisbane was actually the last city of my tour through Australia, but I decided to post this one before the last post as it made more sense to me. Also it makes my blog less sad to look at, because it shows that I got to see the koalas after all. The post before was more of an advanced sob-story of me wandering through the bushes and not finding any so I thought I had to clear that up before going on with the final post which will be about Paradise. Yeah, I stayed in Paradise for four days. And I had loads of fun there, swimming in orange and crystal blue lakes, getting bitten by tiny fish – but more about that in the next post.

Koalas in Brisbane

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