Feeding the deer in Nara

Today I had a lot of fun feeding the deer in Nara. IMG_2059That was a thing that I have wanted to do since at least 6 years and I never had the opportunity for that, so today I went to Nara, bought special deer-cracker for 150 yen and fed them. There were also pretty temples, shrines and buddhas there, but for most of the time I ignored them, because the deer were so fluffy and cute. Also they are kind of dangerous, but most of the time really cute. I was lucky that I fed them at a place where they were relaxed, because in front of the biggest temple, where the most tourists and deer were they were indeed a little bit less shy and more forward and even bit peoples jackets and nudged them a bit. For me they were perfectly friendly and even bowed when I gave them a cracker.

To do: Feeding deer in Nara DONE 🙂

Feeding the deer in Nara

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